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IFrame / web interface

iFrame and web integrations in noebs

  • Start the process by creating a new account via: Via our online onboarding portal
  • Contact noebs team for account creations
  • The team will go with you through simple integration steps, to comply with KYC
    • in the future it will be about sending us a selfie of you + ID cards

Required fields and API endpoints


Our payment checkout is hosted at: The URL for payment will be like this:


field definition
id merchant specific id, for example cart ID
token noebs specific token, UUID
url url to be redirect the user to, after the payment is completed
hooks hooks endpoint, to send the response message to the system


token: is requested from noebs beforehand, by calling: PAYMENT_URL/payment_token/:biller_id

payment token


The request only have biller_id as a named url query. biller_id is noebs specific biller's name. The response would be like this:



id and uuid are the same. We recommend you to use uuid instead, just for the explicitness.

id will be used later as token

How the payment scenario works

  • User enters to Sara website
  • User add items to cart
  • User proceed to checkout
  • Sara's website performs generate payment_token api
  • Sara's website parse the corresponding uuid from payment_token
  • uuid will be used by Sara as token
  • Sara can generate the payment token on events like windows.load, or make a dedicated button for that.
  • Sara website then will have the sufficient information to complete the payment:
    • payment token
    • amount
    • id (if she has an id for their cart, or 0 for default value)
    • hooks (if she want to use noebs webhooks to update her cart system)

Get billers transactions

Endpoint: HOST_URL/v1/merchant/i?biller=:biller_id


biller_id: is the assigned noebs biller for the particular merchant

Reach out for any help or support. We will publish more examples soon!

Sign up as a merchant and start accepting funds